With the growing need of automated IT infrastructure in industry, Quality Assurance has gained very significant role. Everyone wants an advanced level of perfection when technology comes to fore. We, at Glossus Infotech Pvt. Ltd., understand the importance and universally acclaimed industry standard of QA and work with utmost precision and full documentation which gives a sense of confidence and total satisfaction to our clients.

GIPL is blessed with separate, very strong quality assurance team with experience of leading many years of successful ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certification process. We have experience of certifying quality of products by EQDC a government initiative for quality assurance of products and services. Our QA team is very particular on the high standard of quality assurance that we have set in industry. We ensure that our clients get the products with highest level of maturity eradicating and fixing the bugs if any on any platform. We have been known for your error free delivery for any of our client’s application. We follow the well-known and widely accepted industry standard for our approach and procedures. Each and every step is documented even for a single click.

We work hard to provide complete Quality Assurance service with planned and systematic actions which ensure that the developed system adheres to the requirements and guidelines by evaluating the process through which the application has been developed.

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