GIPL believes in quality and perfection on its products and hence strongly follows the software Engineering principles of development for a project’s life cycle. Every step of a life cycle is followed by documentation as per software development life cycle. Good programming practices are followed during the coding process so as to make the code easy to understand and follow. This makes anyone to continue further with our developed code very easily. The motto is to develop a high quality product with least cost and hence we always go for open source based application and tools. This makes our application most competitive, very handy and user friendly to our clients as they hardly need any software license or prior software installed to run our application.

Once you decide to go ahead and provide us with your project we will allocate a team of experts to work on the project. The team will consist of personals from various sectors of the IT industry that will start with gathering all the project requirements and give you with a rough idea on what is required for the project.

Once the task of gathering the project requirement is done, we will allocate a Business Analyst to the project who will assist the company in analyzing their business needs and help incorporate those needs in to the system. Our BA will provide you with the market analysis which will help you to get your project to compete with the current market scenarios, trends and get it up to the industry standards.

After all the requirements and analysis part is done we will decide what are all the resources that are required for the projects in the stipulated time. Based on that information we will provide you with a development layout.

If there have been any additions or changes after the layout is provided then all the changes will be reviewed and accordingly we will provide youwith a final layout.After all the parties involved agree to the proposed layout and all the project details and all the terms and conditions, then the development process begins.