Fleet Management System is a web based system that aids to complete fleet life cycle from procurement to disposal. Tracking vehicles, scheduling and keeping record of all type of expenses is major challenge in any organization regardless of company size. This application is developed for with a unique view and that is the web application as robust and look alike a desktop application. The interactivity is very clean and navigations are very simple. This application is developed in JAVA and MySQL supporting both English and Gujarati language

Benefits of Fleet Management System: -
• - Maintaining vehicle and from purchase/rent to its dispose.
• - Keeping records of Services and scheduling it.
• - Tyre change, Parts change, Oil change, Fuel change records and management.
• - Help in access to contract, budget, insurance details, warranties etc.
• - A Vehicle's scheduling and allotment of driver for a particular employee or visitor.

Fleet Management System Features: -
• - Vehicle scheduling
• - Vehicle maintenance management
• - Employee/vendor/driver management
• - Vendor Management
• - Vehicles on Rental Basis

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